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Gambling in Atlantic City

The survey has just been released last week, showed that 68% are against the plan and 27% in support outside of the Atlantic City casinos. This is not the first survey shows that the residents don’t like the plan. The survey has just been released last week,

What’s going on in football lately?

“He was aggressive in the run game and that was probably the biggest concern, losing the physical nature that Karl (Joseph) brings to the table,” according to Holgorsen. The Mountaineers are at an all-time 4-2 against the Cowboys. Baylor is 5-0 this season, 3-1 against the spread,

Marsh proposes gambling amendment

A bill authorizing casino gaming and lottery? Yes, you’ve read it. It’s really happening in Montgomery, Alabama. Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh introduced the legislation which would allow casinos in several locations in the state and authorize a lottery which according to the senate president will

Is Tennessee ready for casino gaming?

The question arises after Tennessee House Representative Jason Powell has submitted a proposed constitutional amendment that could permit casino gaming in Tennessee. Powell’s proposed amendment to the state constitution ( HJR 87) would give the General Assembly the power to “authorize casino gaming to be operated within

Which State Is Pushing To Legalize Online Gambling?

It seems that Pennsylvania is seriously considering the legalization of online gambling. It’s probably already gaining momentum, as of this moment. While online casino gaming is only currently legal in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware, several other states are starting to consider joining in the bandwagon. After

Members of the Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission Announced

Dunch announcement being made Heads up, casino gaming fans! The most-awaited announcement has been made. Well, at least for those who have been waiting to know who will make up the Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission. Tourism Minister Shawn Crockwell was the one who made the announcement of