Which State Is Pushing To Legalize Online Gambling?

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It seems that Pennsylvania is seriously considering the legalization of online gambling.

It’s probably already gaining momentum, as of this moment.

While online casino gaming is only currently legal in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware, several other states are starting to consider joining in the bandwagon.

After all, the move will be able to allow brick-and-mortar casinos to launch sites for their business, putting them at a competitive advantage.

This is further reiterated by Rep. John Payne, a Republican from Dauphin County, who introduced HB 649 – “providing for interactive gaming.

“I believe my job is to try to make sure that our casinos in Pennsylvania stay competitive against the surrounding states. When we [legalized] gaming in 2004, our only competition was Atlantic City. Now, we have casinos in Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, New York, West Virginia, so they are all around us.”

If this pushes through, it may raise as high as $120 million for the state. How the funds will be used, Payne said, “Not sure yet. That will be something as we go forward with the hearings where that money goes.

They may need to make sure that there will be lots of demand from gamblers in Pennsylvania. New Jersey and Delaware have already suffered some decline in online gaming revenues.

Of course, when the games will finally be legalized, only adults over 21 will be allowed to play them, , with location restricted by a computer’s IP address or Wi-Fi location. This, in turn, fuels critics’ belief that “there aren’t enough safeguards to block minors from accessing online gaming sites, and such services only feed gambling addictions.”

Is that really going to be the case? We’ll find out when the bill pushes through.

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